We Worship

What do we mean when we speak of worship? In a nutshell, worship is celebrating God’s presence in our lives. It’s far more than music—it’s living for God! “Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering.” (Romans 12:1 The Message)

The term worship comes from the word “worthship.” That’s how the word was pronounced before our tongues became lazy and we dropped the dipthong. Worship then is telling God how we feel about his worthiness or greatness. In a community of believers this can become a pull-out-the stops affair as we get caught up in expressions of praise and thanks. After all, if we can give this kind of honor to our favorite sports team—doesn’t God deserve it more? After all, God is awesome…He is good...he is almighty. He created us…he died for us…and he’s coming again for us! How much better does it get?

So what does our Saturday Worship Celebration look like? Awesome! Since God shows up whenever people begin to worship him, our worship time can leave one inspired, tearful, sobered, but never indifferent or bored. During our hour of worship we tell God what we think of him and thank him for what he has done in our lives. We invite him to radically take over our lives and change us to be more like him.

Some might describe our worship as charismatic but we prefer the term biblical. Throughout the Psalms (the worship book of our ancient ancestors) God’s people are exhorted to clap their hands (Ps. 47:1), lift their hands to God (Ps. 134:2), to shout praise (Ps. 95:1), to dance before the Lord (Ps. 150:4), kneel before God (Ps. 95:6) and to enthusiastically praise him with instruments (Ps. 150:5). Other expressions of worship seen through scripture are falling prostrate before the Lord, crying, and the giving of offerings. So when you come, you might expect to see some or all of these expressions.

We know we haven’t arrived at the “perfect” worship experience—if there is such a thing. But we’re on a journey towards God and if he can get all fired up passionate about us, we certainly should be able to get fired up and passionate about him! So we are learning to people who worship God in spirit and in truth.

Join us in the journey. Feel free to sit back and listen, sing, tap your foot, or to join in. Just come expecting to encounter God.