We Share

You have been saved for a purpose! God is still at work in the Earth and he wants you to join him! Jesus calls us to go out and make disciples (Matt. 28:19-20)—inviting people everywhere to enter God’s kingdom and live under his leadership. This commission to share the good news of his kingdom* was given to every follower of Jesus.
We seek to obey Jesus by sharing the good news both in our local community as well as around the world. In 2006, Pastor Jenny preached an evangelistic series in Transylvania and in January of 2007 Pastor Jenny and Jessica Sims were part of a Global Awakening healing team in Karnataka India. They witnessed hundreds of physical healings--from tumors disappearing to the blind seeing and deaf hearing. Today they enjoy praying for healing with friends, church members and homeless. Soon we will be sending others out into the world, also! Our goal is to help grow the purpose of mission deeply in the heart of all our members.


The same mission Jesus had while on earth is now our mission because we are the Body of Christ. Jesus said that he came to proclaim the good news of God’s kingdom and to destroy the works of the devil (Matt. 4:23; Luke 10:19; Luke 4:18-19). Therefore we want to become better communicators of the good news, to learn how to pray for the sick and to help people become free from destructive forces in their lives.

* The good news, according to Jesus is that he has made a way for us to come home to the Father and be reconciled with him. In addition, he will deal with our Enemy, the devil, and heal us from the devastation he has caused in our lives. He will transfer our citizenship from the Kingdom of Darkness to the Kingdom of Light where we can live with him for eternity. Now that's good news!