We Grow


God wants you to grow up and take on the characteristics of Yeshua (Jesus). Spiritual growth is not automatic. It takes an intentional commitment. You must want to grow, choose to grow, put forth effort to grow and persist in growing. Discipleship—the process of becoming like Yeshua—always begins with a decision.

To be like Yeshua you must develop His mindset. This requires a renewal of your mind. This renewal happens as you journey with Him, read his Word and put his teachings into practice. This process is facilitated by practicing a variety of spiritual disciplines such as bible study, prayer, meditation, journaling and sharing what you've learned.

To facilitate this process of growing into Christ-likeness, Open Heavens Fellowship has a series of practical workshops to help you grow. Above you can see a picture of our life cycle and how the process begins. Spiritual growth begins with a decision to embark on the journey and a commitment to continuous growth. These workshops help you begin the journey and provide the tools and maps you need to continue growing into Christlikeness.

We are currently updating and adding to our workshops and classes. In January 2014 we will launch two new series--a study of the book of Genesis from a Hebraic perspective that will make it come alive! We'll also be introducing a new DVD curriculum called Hayesod which means foundation in Hebrew--so check back with us!

For more information, call Pastor Jenny at 520-297-5171.