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We believe that the shortest distance between two people is a story. So we are a fellowship of story tellers who are all on the same spiritual path, but at different places in our journey. We’re getting to know God’s Story better and learning how to share it with others—as well as telling our own. We’re far from perfect, displaying common human weaknesses and limitations yet learning how to do life together. We’ve come to realize that our weaknesses and mistakes only make our stories more powerful and hopeful because they give God opportunities to step in and transform our story.

We also value the Hebraic roots of Christianity. Often the richness of God’s Story gets lost in the translation from Hebrew to Greek to English. So we love to dig deeper into God’s Word at times to see how God’s Story is enriched as we learn more about the culture and the language through which God first chose to share His Story as the Planet Flinging, Star-breathing Creator of the Universe. Read more

Time and Place of Gathering

Presently we start at 10:00 a.m. and end about noon. Sometimes we have a teaching first, then sing and have a discussion. Other times we do it all in reverse! Come for all or for part! We love to sing and share with one another!

We are located in the Grant Road Industrial Center on the north side of Grant Road--halfway between Silverbell and 1-10. From Grant road, enter the Center on Coyote Drive. Our building will be on your left--number 2445, Suite 101. For more information or directions call 520-297-5171.

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